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Latest Update: 12-09-06


Ranma 1/2 is about a teenage martial artist, Ranma Saotome, who is knocked into a cursed spring in China (called Jusenkyou) while training with his father, Genma. Now every time Ranma is splashed with cold water, he turns into a girl--hot water is the only thing that changes him back into a boy.

My favorite thing about Ranma 1/2 is the complicated relationship he has with his fiancée, Akane Tendo. Most of their problems stem from the fact that both of them are incredibly stubborn and don't like the idea of being forced into marriage. Ranma insists he's still in training and doesn't have time for girls--even uncute tomboys like Akane-- and Akane's not too keen on marrying a "pervert" who changes gender.
Yet despite all of their bickering and protests, it becomes more and more apparent just how much they truly care for each other; even if they are too shy and embarrassed to admit it out loud.
Of course, part of the reason for their unrest may be the fact that Ranma has two other fiancées as well. He is engaged to a Chinese Amazon whose name is Shampoo, and his childhood friend, Ukyo Kuonji. And then there is Kodachi Kuno, Ranma's self-appointed fiancée... but she's, well, insane.
Akane, however, is not short on suitors herself. As if the entire male population of Furinkan high school wasn't enough, Ryoga, Ranma's greatest competitor, also loves Akane. The fact that he's also her beloved pet pig, P-Chan (unbeknown to her), certainly doesn't make Ranma any happier. Add into the mix, a voodoo-loving Gosunkugi and kendo-happy Kuno... well, romance is never boring where Ranma and Akane are concerned.

The manga and anime follows Ranma as he continues to search for a cure to his curse-- all while trying to placate (or ignore) his many jealous fiancées.
In the meantime, he continues to perfect his martial arts, while boasting that he can meet any challenge (as long as it has martial arts in its title). Does martial arts figure skating, gymnastics, cheerleading, or dining, ring a bell...?
And of course, while he's at it, he may as well try to convince himself that he really doesn't care about Akane--that she is just so uncute. Though after looking around my site, you'll quickly see it's one of the few things in which Ranma never quite succeeds.
Guess he'll have to wait until Martial Arts Dating makes an appearance, eh? ^_^



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Ranma and Akane!!!
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