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Latest Update: 11-08-07


((All Videos Include Spoilers!!))

Ying Ye: Iris (coming soon)                      Lyrics
(Youtube /  Download)

It was like Episode 7-8 was written to fit this song! It's so sad and touching, and fits it perfectly. But unfortunately, I didn't have enough clips to last through the entire song, so I borrowed some scenes from episode 14 to even it out... I do apologize for the randomness in the middle of the video though.

Ying Ye: Down                                         Lyrics
(Youtube Download)

Blink 182 is my favorite band, so even though I wasn't sure if the song would actually fit this drama, in the end I decided I didn't care, lol. I made it anyway, and just played around with the story. For once, I wanted to make an MV to a song I liked, rather than a song that I chose simply because I thought it fit the series... actually, this may be one of my favorite DMVs for that reason alone.


Ying Ye: Believe Again               Lyrics 
(Youtube / Veoh / Download)

Another Ying Ye 3+1 video. This time I used a song right off the drama--the ending song, which is actually sung by the two main characters. I got the translated lyrics right from the Asian Fanatics Forum, so no, they were not translated by me... I just hard subbed them. But I really love this song!

Ying Ye: Ever The Same              Lyrics 
(Youtube / Download)

Since I've loved Ming Dao + Chen Qiao En (Joe Chen) ever since watching them together in Prince Who Turns Into Frog, of course I had to obsess over their newest drama!!

And this song sounds like it was just written for them, though I got the idea after watching an X-Files MV that used this same song. ^_^

WZBQW/ YYSJY: Kiss The Girl
(Youtube / Download)

WZBQW stands for the Taiwanese Drama Prince That Turns Into Frog.
YYSJY stands for Ying Ye 3+1.
The reason why I used both of these dramas for this music video, is because both series star my favorite TW-couple, Mingen (Ming Dao and Qiao En). In my humble opinion, their chemistry can not be beat. ^_^

So obviously, this video was meant to showcase a majority of kissing scenes from both of these series. Hope you enjoy! (WZBQW is my favorite TW drama!)

WZBQW: Stolen
(Youtube / Download)

Here's my first tribute to them and this AMAZING drama. It's based off the Korean Drama, Save the Last Dance for Me.... except, where STLDFM is more drama/angst oriented, WZBQW is lighter, funnier, happier. It even beat out Meteor Gardens in the ratings!!



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